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8 Summer Must Haves For Party Bums

admin • May 3, 2015


It’s that time of the year, when the sultry weather takes a toll on us. But, it’s also the season to revel in outdoor shindigs and poolside gatherings. Let not the scorching heat deter you from having all the party fun!

Right from tips on maintaining a radiant skin throughout the day to a quick overview on your style quotient, we have rounded up top summer must haves for every party goer.

  1. Bring out your headwear

When the mercury level soars, one of the best ways to stay cool and prevent heat strokes is to wear summer accessories for head. To top off your afternoon party look, you can:


  • Wear a straw hat or a chic fedora.
  • Invest in the beautiful Chinese oil paper umbrellas. They not only look pretty, but make a style statement as well.
  • Fashionably drape a stole or a scarf over your head.


  1. Switch to breathable footwear

Step out in a pair of neon flip flops or pretty open toed sandals for a beach or a pool party. They air your feet so they don’t stink or sweat profusely. Trust us, your feet will thank you!Also, don’t forget to get a flattering pedicure (with a sexy, hot nail polish) to accentuate your summer footwear!


  1. Flaunt those sexy legs

Rummage your wardrobe and bring out your short, flirty summer dresses. After all, this is the time to show up your attractive figure. A flowy maxi dress, a mini skirt or a short floral dress can make you stand out in any party. A spaghetti top with shorts or Capris will look pretty chic for an afternoon brunch with your friends.



Thumb rule: wear anything short, comfortable and cotton.


  1. Be generous with sunscreen lotions

Sweeties, where the sunscreen’s concerned, it is not an optionbut a must-do. Cream and moisturize yourself well and then apply a suitable sunscreen or a suntan lotion before stepping out. While choosing a sunscreen, buy one that has spf 30 at the very minimum for the harsh Indian climate. Apply evenly throughout the body or the exposed parts. Also, carry it in your bag. You may need to reapply every few hours if the party’s still on.



  1. Refresh with wet wipes

Wet wipes come handy round the year. But in summer, they can be your skin’s best friends. Every time you feel the incessant heat or grime on your face, grab one and just wipe your skin to feel cool.leanand fresh Do not forget to apply the sunscreen after every use.


  1. Frame your eyes


Grab a pair of huge dark shades before you step out in the sun. They will not only protect your eyes, but also make a style statement. Wear a timeless big Jackie-O or a never-out-of-fashion Aviator or a Wayfarer sunglasses that suit all face types.



A Cool Tip: From time to time, make your glasses sit on your head for a while. The action not only draws attention, but also makes you look uber chic.


  1. Go easy on your makeup

Summer is all about being cool, fresh and natural. Do not restrict these magic keywords to your dressing sense alone, but extend it to your makeup as well. A colored eyeliner and a natural lip gloss should suffice your summer party look.



  1. Scent your charisma

Summer means sweat, and sweat means BO. Ugh! Keep that stink in check with citrus, fruity or floral flavoured fragrances. Add a few drops of Eau De Cologne in your bath. It will have you smelling nice and fresh all day long.



Now, you are all ready to rock the summer party!



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