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9 Clever Tips and Tricks To Make You Look Taller

admin • January 20, 2015


It is no news that most petite women wish they grow magically taller overnight. Well, as bad as we feel to break the news, the truth is there is no magic portion available to make your height grow. But do not lose heart, not just yet. You may not be able to grow taller, but you can definitely look taller. Stumped? Let us explain it a bit better. You wear high heels to appear taller. Similarly, there are many tips and tricks that can make you appear taller. Let’s go through them.

 Say yes to monochrome outfits

Dressing in a monochromatic outfit is a very effective way to create an illusion of tallness and leanness. How does it work? Since a single color avoids the separation between your upper and lower body, it automatically makes you look taller. But this works best with dark and saturated colors like black, navy or burgundy. Even uniform small-scale floral patterns give the elongating look.


Dress up in Maxis

If you have avoided wearing maxis all your life thinking that they make you look short, then this piece of news will surely cheer you up. A well-cut floor-grazing dress can actually make you appear taller. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with your favourite couturier and get a maxidress made.


Stripes matter

Vertical stripes make short women look taller and slimmer. The up and down lines add length to your silhouette. Speaking of stripes, where vertical stripes add length, wearing horizontal stripes can have quite the opposite effect. It will only add width to your figure, something that you don’t want, do you?


Your hair say a lot

Tie your head in a top knot. It will give you extra height. If you do not want a knot, try to create fullness around the crown with a puff. Or opt for a chic bob or an elegant pixie. Anything that shows off your shoulders and your neckline will m                                       ake you look taller.

top not


There’s something about your posture

Believe it or not, a correct posture can make you appear taller instantly. So keep your chin up, chest straight and stop slouching. Always follow this while standing, sitting or walking.


Run away from baggy fits

Those loose and baggy clothes feel so comfortable and heavenly, don’t they? But they also make you look terribly dwarf-like. So, unless you want to look purposely shorter and wider, opt for well-fitted clothes with clean lines (avoid heavy embroidery or ruffles) that add extra inches to your petite frame.



Accessorize wisely

Most women treat accessories as an afterthought. But accessories can make or break your look. Keep your accessories scaled to your body size. That means, a smaller bag, clutch or tote for petite girls instead of that oversized bag. Anything wide robs height. The same applies to belts. Super thick belts add width which cause you to look shorter. So opt for skinny belts.



Go for V-necklines

Wear clothes with plunging V-necklines. Not only they look sexy but they also make your torso appear leaner and longer. So who’s complaining?

v neckline


Wear super long or super short

Capri or cropped pants cut your leg awkwardly and make you appear shorter. So say a big no to them. Anything that skims your ankle should be alright. Similarly, avoid knee length skirts, shorts or dresses. Super short skirts or dresses show more skin which create the illusion of longer legs.


Aren’t these tips and tricks just brilliant? So whenever you are not upto wearing your sky high heels, you know what to do?



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