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DJ Vinayak^a @TRILOGY

admin • August 6, 2015




Party without music has no soul. Music without a DJ has no spirit. But, if you come across a DJ whose music is a celebration of divinity in human spirit, of intensity in passion and ecstasy in silence, you know he is no ordinary one. We are talking about none other than, Vinayak^a from Bangalore.

Vinayak^a, who hails from Jamshedpur, was deeply leaned towards music, even as a small child. He learnt playing the harmonium with his mother and then the tabla. Later, he went to Bangalore and trained under Sean D’Souza at the EV DJs at Work programme.

Soon Vinayak^a found his true love – the love for organic sounds, the ones that we are surrounded by all the time. Vinayak^a loves playing and listening to deep house, experimental dub ambient and trihop. Vinayak^a has set up an in house studio in Coimbatore to do what he loves best – to make music in peace. As the sounds of rhythm and melody reverberate around him, he feels his soul soaring and an instant connection with humankind.

His popular gigs include places like the club DNosh, Zen at the Leela Palace in Bangalore, I-Kandy in Gurgaon, The Farm in Hyderabad, and even Topaz in Guwahati. He plays before crowds who understand his unconventional time signatures, beat patterns and groovy melodies, and who love him unconditionally.

Now, you have the opportunity to experience his music, first hand. For Vinayak^a is playing at TRILOGY!

Come, and let his mysterious and deep sounds envelop your senses and penetrate through the core of your soul.

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