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Look Chic With Belts

admin • August 19, 2015


Look Chic With Belts

Belts are one of the most underrated accessories! A simple belt can work wonders for your dress. What’s more, it makes you look slimmer! Can you beat that?

Let’s see some awesomest ways to look chic with belts:

Make a fashion statement with a wide belt. Wear them higher to look trendy, while wearing them low slung will give you a seventies look. Try these belts worn high only if you have a tiny itsy-bitsy waist.


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Cut an outfit in a monochrome colour or print by experimenting with a different belt colour. This yellow belt is standing out against the printed white flow of the dress.


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Create a trendy, layered look by wearing the belt out of the loops on a fluttering dress, an oversized shirt, or an open cardigan. You can even wear it over a trench coat for a more structured look.


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Add a few more inches to your height by wearing a belt high. This skinny belt worn high by Olivia Palermo, the self-declared Queen of Accessories, makes her torso look longer.


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Add a touch of glitz to a plain or boring outfit by wearing a scarf, a loose chain or a studded belt.


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Stand out in the crowd with a hot neon belt or a printed belt, and we bet, you will be the talk of the town. This leopard print statement skinny belt is adding just the right shade of drama to the loose white top.


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Flaunt an hourglass figure by wearing a super wide cinch belt. Works best for women with curvy figures and tiny waists.


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Get knotty…oops, we meant naughty!! Touch your naughty side with this knotted belt. One knot or two knots, depends how creative you are feeling!

PS: Do not experiment this with your expensive belts.


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Wear your belt loose and slung low on your hips to give your dress a relaxed ‘70s look.


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Simple, classic and chic! Kate Middleton’s love affair with belts is quite well known! In fact, many of her dresses give her a belted waist. Try them to accentuate your tiny waist.


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Skinny belts! A heaven sent prayer for fashion goofers! You can never ever go wrong with a skinny belt in your jeans or trousers (on shorts, on dresses, on skirt…you got our drift, right?).


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