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Top 10 most Stylish Hollywood Celebrities of All Time

admin • May 18, 2015


Fans have always looked up to Hollywood Celebrities for their great fashion sense and style. It’s true that they have access to top couture houses, personal stylists and shoppers, but believe us, style is not only about the Versaces, Pradas or Jimmy Choos you wear. Style is all about how you wear things and the attitude with which you carry them.

Let’s see who gets the most thumbs up from us as being the most stylishly dressed Hollywood icons:

Top 10 most stylish Hollywood actors –

  1. Scarlett Johansson
    With killer looks and a body like Scarlett Johansson, one’d always look a stunner, no matter what they wear. And that’s absolutely true with ScaJo too. When it comes to fashion, she loves to experiment with new styles. Even on the red carpet, this stunning bombshell rocks everything from short dresses to jumpsuits, gowns and vintage dresses. Never to sport one hair style for long, we love what she does with her hair. Her witty and charismatic personality adds to her glamorous outfits which make her the perfect youth style icon.


  1. Jennifer Aniston
    This American’s sweetheart is known for her sexy LBDs, plunging necklines, floor sweeping dresses and sexy heels on the red carpet. Her cuts are neat, smart and elegant, and so are her hair styles. After all, she gave the world the ‘Rachel’, a bouncy layered hair cut that she wore in the popular sitcom FRIENDS and which took the hair styling industry by storm. Of late, Jennifer has started experimenting with brighter and bolder colors, which we love.




  1. Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt has been voted twice by People’s magazine as the sexiest man alive. And we agree as well! This modern day Adonis dresses impeccably in sleek suits and rugged, masculine clothes. He believes that one should never look overdone, and he follows this mantra to the T, for you will never find him anything but comfortably dressed. He’s the only man we know who can carry off multiple hair styles with ease and panache.


  1. Angeline Jolie
    A mother of 6 and a hard working actor, Angelina Jolie knows how to dress, that too in style. She always steps out in tasteful and elegant style, from classic dresses to trench coats, and oversized shades. Rumors are rife that husband Brad pitches in to decide what she wears to the red carpet events. Well, if he had any say in deciding her tuxedo dress for the BAFTAs 2014, then we must say, he does a great job at that. Angelina Jolie writes her own fashion rules, and for that we give her a massive thumbs up.


  1. George Clooney
    If there’s one man who can look good even in a sack, that has to be George Clooney. At 50, he can give most young actors a run for their money where his style quotient is concerned. Though he is comfortable in most clothes, he is mostly seen in suits, which he likes to pair with polos or open collared shirts. Clooney has shown to the world that it’s cool to wear suits at any occasion. Also, he cuts his hair himself and refuses to color his mop of gray hair. Don’t we love men who stay natural!


  1. Emma Watson
    It’s no news that the Harry Potter star has grown up and transformed herself into a fashion darling. A teenage fashion icon, Emma Watson wears fashion as if she was born for it. Be it jumpsuits, power suits or denim cut offs, Emma’s clothes look straight off a runway and she wears them with timeless sophistication. And don’t even get us started on her ever-changing trendy hair styles. More power to you girl, may you rock the Hollywood fashion scene for years and years!


  1. Johnny Depp
    One of the coolest and hottest Hollywood celebrities, Johnny Depp has a quirky and bohemian style of dressing. He likes to experiment with his look, and seriously, with his kind of stunning looks, whatever he does and whatever he wears just adds to his overall charisma; be it his cowboy hats, his tinted sunglasses, his colorful stoles or multiple accessories, his jackets or his worn out shoes; he carries anything and everything with great style. He has proved to the world that messy and unkempt hair can look cool too. What’s more, we haven’t seen many men who are comfortable flaunting their facial hair! Johnny is one man who doesn’t follow any particular fashion trend, however, his casual and carefree attitude make him look cool in whatever wear. We love you, Johnny, hair, tattoos and all!


  1. Jessica Alba
    This stunning caramel-complexioned beauty certainly knows how to carry fashion in style. She wears the trendiest clothes with such panache, that they look as if they were made for her. What’s cool about her dressing sense? The fact that she styles every day accessible and affordable clothes like denims, tees and cardigans into fashion statements. No wonder she has been crowned as the ‘Street Style Queen’, an inspiration to millions of fans.


  1. Ryan Gosling
    While he may have refused to star in 50 Shades Of Grey disappointing millions of his fans, this ruggedly masculine actor knows what where to wear. After a few fashion blunders early in his career, he has long moved that phase and learnt his lessons well. He prefers slim gray suits with button down shirts for more formal occasions, while steps out in skinny jeans, white tees and hooded jackets for casual outings. He loves his beard, and we love it too!


10. Jennifer Lopez
Our darling JLo is one Hollywood who doesn’t restrict herself to the latest fashion trends. In fact, she sets a new fashion trend every time she steps out. Well, we all know she is the reigning Queen of the red carpet, but the truth is, she rocks even when she hits the streets. Her luxuriant tresses, humongous sunglasses and her easy nonchalance add to her style quotient. Hats off to our style diva!


No list can be complete without mentioning the all time best dressed Hollywood celebrities of the yester years like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, etc.


The ever changing fashion trends are ever so complicated that they require stylists who are more adept to the challenges. Hats off to the great stylists who’ve been adorning celebrities across the globe!!

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